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Keen to try out screen acting?


If you’re looking for an epic after-school activity that they won’t stop talking about, you’ve come to the right place… Step into the spotlight and unlock your full potential with our acting classes tailored for young talents aged 7-17!

Our weekly sessions run six days a week, offering two exhilarating hours of immersive learning and fun-filled activities.

Dive into the world of acting with one hour of engaging improvisation games, team-building exercises, and laughter-inducing activities. It’s fast-paced fun, full of confidence-building games, theatre sports and performance skills activities! 

Then, it’s lights, camera, action! Students will have the opportunity to act in front of the camera and bring their scenes to life.

Beginners are encouraged.

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Frequently asked questions

What should students wear to class?

Acting involves a lot of movement, we reccommend students wear comfortable clothing that is easy to move around in. 

Do students get a copy of the scenes they shoot?

Students scenes are recorded and uploaded to a Dropbox folder each week. You can access the class folder via a link we provide you and download all of your scenes. Watching scenes back is a powerful way monitor progress and gives students a great idea of what they're doing well and where they can improve. It's also a great way to look back at all the fun times in class!  

What do students need to bring to class each week?

Students will be given a script book at their first class, and at the start of each term. This should be brought to class every week, along with a labelled drink bottle. At your first class we will also provide you with a Grace Acting Tote bag so that you can keep all of your gear together ready to go! 

How can students enter the film and TV industry professionally?

You can read all of our FAQs about headshots, agents, auditioning and more here.

What our community has to say...

"From the moment we walked in the door we were greeted with enthusiasm and made to feel incredibly welcome."

- Kylie


"In the time my son has participated in Grace Acting Studios classes, he has increased his ability to focus and listen. The teachers have been very nurturing and encouraging and the communication with me has been great. This is by far his favourite activity."

- Louise 


"Since attending Grace Acting Studios for the past two and half years, my son's self esteem has sky rocketed. He now believes in himself so much that he realises his high potential. I am forever grateful to see my son growing from a very shy and unsure boy into a highly confident and very social young man."

- Marjorie


"My son has been attending Grace Acting Studios for four years. He began going after attending some drama workshops at his school. Tom loved his classes and his teachers. He feels very confident and comfortable and willing to takes risks. As a parent, it has been wonderful to see our son so happy and excited to take on new challenges."

- Katya


"I simply cannot speak highly enough of Grace Acting Studio and what it has done for my daughter's self esteem and confidence. She was struggling in her school work and with friendships in her social life. After being at Grace Acting Studios for a month we noticed a massive improvement in her schoolwork and she had regained enough confidence to do presentations in class again."

- Julie


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