Fiona Williamson


Fiona has been a student of Grace Acting Studios for nine years, and her journey in acting began at the age of nine when her mother encouraged her to pursue her passion. Since then, she has gained extensive knowledge about the acting world and discovered a lot about herself.

Fiona has set her sights on becoming an actress, and she has been using stepping stones to build herself up to that level. She has been cast as an extra for several films and TV shows, including “NITRAM” and the upcoming Netflix series “Surviving Summer,” which is set to be released in 2022.

Currently, Fiona has been booked for an upcoming ABC series titled “Summer Love” as an extra. Her ambition and dedication to pursuing her dreams have led her to take on various opportunities that will help her achieve her goals.

As well as being a dedicated actor, Fiona has developed a love for teaching. She loves helping young actors pursue their passion and  grow their skills and confidence in her classes.